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Healthy Lifestyles, Science - Godly Examples Encourages Godly People

By Derek Dashwood

As one who has a son and four grown daughters, and four grand daughters, the news that healthy expectations create healthy people comes as no news to many who have raised children and grand children to hold sound moral values, be a help not a hindrance, with healthy eating habits.

But it was a steady struggle for a very long time. From the earliest days, it was difficult to ignore the whines for a cola and accept a milk, or pure orange juice. This unhappy adorable little face wanted chips and pop. Spinach and broccoli are not chocolate. There may have been children antique books that dealt with this which I had not seen, but other than Dr. Spock, and our own life examples, we were trying our best.

Well, yes, when you are youngest your taste buds favor sweet over sour. It is as we age, and more so with men, that our tastes tend to more sour. So, I found that my first daughter was a very fussy eater in contrast to her older brother, who more like me, would eat everything put in front of him, although not adverse to let it drool back out if he had had enough, or then blowing if at me with laughter if I kept trying.

But, with my next darling child, an angelic little girl, I was definitely introduced to the age old puzzle for men, even trying to feed her, let alone her middle of the night cries. What do women want? Eating time at lunch became a matter of me coming home to my daughter and her frustrated mother, almost in tears, handing me a spoon and baby food and say you feed her. There, in front of me, was the most darling little angel on earth, beaming at me.

And all around her, on her, her mother, the floor around her-but from the way she was blowing bubbles, apparently none inside her was abundant in strained baby food. We would beam at each other, I would get a slurp and hug and kiss, the spoon putting goo in my hair; shirt will have to be changed.

But what was important that it was lunch time and time for a girl to get some food in her, and dad was there to help. So, forty years ago, with little help from ancient knowledge, I did what these modern studies say to do. Make it playful, keep at it, show you expect this is going to actually happen. and it happens, with lots of fun. And a change of shirt for dad.

A closed little mouth and crossed hands and frown can always be turned around by dad eating some, raising his eyebrows as if he has just tasted ambrosia (it tastes so bad; you must not make a face) cause laughter with all his swooning and smacking sounds. Then the spoon becomes an airplane, roaring and looking for its landing place, oh there it is.

Keep you mouth open and she will too- after tasting and going by her mouth a few times, she is getting curious. When one spoonful is almost in her mouth, steal it. Pop. Her look will say hey, you took my ice cream. So you go through the airplane again, much less time, pop into her mouth. I did not know of any ancient children literature about this: I just sensed what seemed right.

This discussion carries on shortly in the second part of the story, in which you get to know. Did they resent me and turn on her mother and I? Read that and see.

Derek Dashwood now enjoys eating healthy meals and having many a happy get together with his family, who he is very proud of for their loving, honest ways. We have a Teens Talk and Mom's Brain Grows and Men Talk sections at

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